Envisioning Community / Investing in People.

Much of the history of Asheville, NC is the result of the work accomplished by one man…

Julian Price (November 25, 1867–October 25, 1946) was a man of many — and sometimes contradictory — qualities. Born into wealth, he spent much of his adulthood exploring how to define himself in relation to and separate from his fortune. He opted out of the top-rung social status he was born into, preferring to live simply and invest his money in social change.

As one of his major initiatives, using his wealth, tenacity, and incorrigible charm,  Price inspired policymakers and entrepreneurs to do the impossible–transform a desolate downtown into a livable, vibrant center of commerce and culture.

Driven by the beauty of its landscape and the potential in its Art Deco architecture, Price searched Asheville, N.C. for brave, hardworking dreamers and provided them with a miracle–capital for expansion in exchange for improving the downtown with their presence.

This is the story of Julian Price, a social activist, investor in people and man of change. 

Winner, Grand Jury Prize, Film Invasion (Los Angeles)

Official Selection, Charlotte Film Festival

2016 / 34 minutes / English / A film by Erin Derham


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