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Eleven Samurai

Eleven Samurai 737187016295Classic Japanese cinema led to the development of many of today’s contemporary action films. Kudo Eichii’s Eleven Samurai (1967) is a perfect example of the genre.

In one of the greatest films to come from Japan, the lord of the Oshi fief is killed by his trespassing neighbor, the cruel and despotic Nariatsu, son of the former Shogun. After a biased investigation, the Oshi clan is blamed for what happened and sentenced to be disbanded. Eleven of the best samurai of the clan refuse the sentence and are willing to give their lives for justice.

Noted director Kudo Eiichi reached the zenith of his career with this exciting film about the turbulent days of the Oshi clan! Featuring an all-star cast in one of the most memorable motion pictures from the Toei studio.

The huge cast includes: Isao Natsuyagi, Kôji Nanbara, Kei Satô, Yoshirô Aoki

“The black & white print is gorgeous and crisp and, as always, their program notes help explain the intricacies of feudal Japan well. ELEVEN SAMURAI is a nice addition to your samurai collection. Not as blood-thirsty as some epics, the film strikes a better balance between the cerebral and visceral than can be found in other films.” – Shocking Images

“…a perfect mixture of visceral action and character drama and well worth revisiting in years to come. Highly Recommended” – DVD Talk

100 minutes / B&W


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ROOTS & BRANCHES: 5 Element Qi Gong

Magnificent Kick

3101 magnifient kickThis is a simple story of 2 girls out for revenge. Han Ying Chieh (the Big Boss from Bruce Lee’s first movie) plays the evil government official the girls are after and 2 students of Wong Fei Hung help the girls defeat their enemy. The kung fu action is a above average and is literally non stop. Even though the story is simple, the movie is still a lot of fun because there is so much fighting.

Kong Do has a great cameo fight. Also features Kwan Tak Hing, Lau Hok Nin and Cheung Lik.

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Fists of Fury III

1120 fists of fury IIIBruce Li returns yet again for one more sequel to Bruce Lee’s classic The Chinese Connection (aka Fist of Fury) to round out a trilogy.

Bonus chop:

When this film was originally released on VHS by Video Gems, they wrongly put the title Fist of Fury II on the video box art when it should have been a “III.” This caused a whole lot of confusion among fans. This is the actual film under its actual name.

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Super Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story

1119 super dragon bruce lee storyStone, a martial arts teacher and avid Bruce Lee fan, is crushed when he learns of his hero’s sudden death. After a night of trying to drink himself out of his depression, Stone receives a vision of Lee instructing him to investigate the circumstances of master’s death.

Stone soon finds that Lee was the victim of foul play, and quickly puts into action his plan for bringing the murderers to justice.

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five fingers of deathOne of the first Chinese Martial Arts films to be shown in US theatres, this 1972 offering from the legendary Shaw Brothers Studio (Tarantino’s inspiration for the Kill Bill films) stars the late martial arts legend Lo Lieh.

“The spectacular mix of martial arts action and Western-style melodrama from the legendary Shaw Brothers Studios helped to light the fuse for the kung fu movie explosion in the early ’70s. Indonesian actor Lo Lieh is the young acolyte caught up in a struggle between rival martial arts schools; after one villainous outfit murders several of Lieh’s classmates with the help of hired killers, he trains to develop the invincible “Iron Palm” technique and defeat the opposing school. Korean director Chang-hwa Jeong delivers stunning (and very violent) action set pieces (set to a dizzying array of American library music cues, most notably Quincy Jones’ theme to Ironside) but also manages to create a compelling and dramatic sub-story about loyalty and honor.

The result is a martial arts film that can be enjoyed by viewers who aren’t fanatical about the genre and diehard kung fu heads alike.

The widescreen DVD (which surpasses all previous VHS and DVD versions of the film) includes an interesting commentary track by Quentin Tarantino (who aided Dragon Dynasty in assembling its Shaw Brothers library) and critics Elvis Mitchell and David Chute, who discuss King Boxer‘s appeal and thematic similarities to Hollywood product; Chute is also featured with critic Andy Klein in one of three short supplements about the film’s production and history, with director Jeong and martial arts  choreographer Liu Chia-Liang taking center stage for the others.” – Paul Gaita (for Amazon)

86 minutes + bonus on 1 disc


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1116 bruce lee we miss youThe date of July 20, 1973 will go down in infamy as the end of the most gifted martial arts fighter in cinema history. Officially, coroners first attributed Bruce Lee’s death to cerebral edema, and later to sudden death from epilepsy. But insiders whispered differently – with talk of triad godfathers who conspired to murder Lee.

Now, in the tradition of Who Killed Pasolini and I Shot Jesse James comes the action-packed feature film Bruce Lee, We Miss You – in which Bruce Li plays a gumshoe seeking answers for the decades-old mystery behind Lee’s demise. The ruthless Li infiltrates his way into the Chinese underworld, determined to punch, kick, and kiai his way to the truth masked by the autopsy report, and discover who rubbed Lee out, and why

In another great movie featuring the legendary Ho Chung Tao, Bruce Li dedicates his life to seeking revenge against the murderer of his idolized kung fu master, Bruce Lee.

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